Prayers up for 2 Chainz who was rushed to the hospital after being involved in a car accident over the weekend. The Grammy award winning rapper was in Miami for Art Basel, and wrapped up his Saturday night at a strip club called Booby Trap. The Miami Herald confirmed “Molly Best, a Florida Highway Patrol […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Car theft is up in Dallas, and CBS11 News says it could get worst. A lot of people get their cars stolen when they warm it up or when they leave it running to go quickly into stores. Bad idea. Here are a few tips to deter thieves: Always lock […]


He was supposed to start his new job, as a mover the next morning but Walter Carr a college student in Alabama, car had broken down.  The location of the job was 20 miles from his home. Carr left the house at midnight, he walked/jogged the route. He got some help from police who saw […]

Rock-T tells a story about what happened when a dwarf got into a fender-bender.

Rickey Smiley was running a little bit behind schedule one day because of a mishap with his car.

Everybody knows that one person named Earl, Wilie, Mike or that one uncle that can fix any mechanical problem. But can he do it while the car is moving? You have to view the video at the link below, to see what this mechanic in China did! Lmao∨=on

Earlier this fall, when The Rickey Smiley Morning Show was on tour, The Rickey Smiley Foundation gifted a young woman with a car so she could get back and forth to work with ease. Rickey Smiley recently caught up with Fredericka, the recipient of the car, to see how she’s doing,. Sign Up For Our […]

Black Tony called up excited about having just succeeded in his latest come up, which he came across by chance on an outing to the store. But after he explains everything to Rickey Smiley, it becomes pretty clear that such a win was too good to be true. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click on […]

The Rickey Smiley Foundation loves to surprise hardworking people who are going through it with blessings. A woman named Fredricka sent a letter in to the Rickey Smiley Foundation with her testimony. Dr. Derrick Hill explained that there was something about the way she endured through her trials that inspired him. When she came onstage […]

Janay and Carlos hooked up one night after a party, seven months later, Janay’s got a baby. Carlos swears it’s not his, however, and recently bought a new car with the money he makes as a bartender. Janay is pretty upset that he just made this big purchase for himself, while she and her baby […]

Yet again, an unarmed black man met his death on a day he didn’t have to, because police arrived on a scene about which they knew little to nothing. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man named Terence Crutcher met his end after his car stalled in the middle of the road. Police showed up and instead […]