Police confirmed this morning a 37-year-old woman fired shots inside of Dallas Love Field airport at 11 AM.  Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia updated the public on facts regarding the investigation, confirming the woman had been confronted and is currently being treated at Parkland hospital. See below for more LIVE footage from the scene. The […]

Earlier this year in January, a very rare case of the viral infection Monkeypox was discovered in England, now the first case in the U.S. was reported Wednesday in Massachusetts. Monkeypox according to the CDC is spread similar to COVID through any openings on the body (mouth, nose, wound)  when a person comes into contact […]

With gas prices soaring across the world, we’re definitely feeling the heat in North Texas (and it’s not even Summer yet!) Keep your pockets as full as you can and save money on gas with Gas Buddy! A site dedicated to helping consumers save money on gas by locating the cheapest gas stations near you […]