Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie

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A shocking pumpkin pie analogy went viral after a news anchor showed people how $98 trillion of America’s wealth is being distributed.

A news reporter went to a mall to talk about wealth and inequality with people, and at first, nobody wanted to discuss the topic. So he brought out pumpkin pie to illustrate the disparity. He asked people to distribute the amount of pie they think each wealth bracket has and many people got it very wrong.

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Source: Donielle Conley / Donielle Conley

The real results showed the wealthiest in America have 90 percent of the pie, the upper-middle class and middle-class share ONE piece of the pie, while the lower middle class gets the CRUMBS of the pie while the poorest, have no pie and actually would OWE money before they could get a slice of pie, representing debt.

How do you think the $98 trillion America’s wealth should be distributed? Should the pie be distributed equally?




-Kiki J

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