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You remember your first love, the one that you thought would never end? Well it probably didn’t work out and there are somethings that people never tell you about getting over your first heartbreak.

Number 5: Time doesn’t heal all wounds, even after years it can still hurt to think about the failed relationship. 

Which brings us to number 4: Forgive yourself for things that you might have done to contribute to the break-up.  A breakup is always a two-way street, not only did your ex do somethings you didn’t like but surely you did somethings that weren’t right as well, if you can still communicate with your ex, it may do you good to ask what they felt went wrong in the relationship, use the information you gain to better yourself before you move on to another relationship.  Learn that your always evolving.

Number 3 is important, Be Alone. A Lot! Being alone allows you to feel every emotion of the heartbreak and to learn who you are.  Take the quiet time to learn what you like and what you will and won’t tolerate, it will make choosing your next relationship more carefully.

Number 2: Running away isn’t always a bad thing, you may have to change your environment in order to get a fresh start.  Moving to a new city, state or country may help getting over the relationship easier, out of sight, out of mind. A new environment could open up you eyes to experiences you never thought of, which you can do without running into your ex. 

And the number one thing everyone is afraid to tell you about getting over your first love is, that it will change you forever in the best possible way. Every interaction we have in life is meant to teach us something about ourselves, don’t be bitter about your failed relationship, use what you’ve learned to be stronger and to learn that love is a process and part of that process is loving yourself!

How much time should you take before jumping into the next relationship? Has a failed relationship made your bitter? Share your story.


-Kiki J

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