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She Represents: Jazze Radio-Chica & LaToya Forbins

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Owner of Infinite Possibilities Spa

The seed was planted of being in the therapeutic massage business when LaToya gave birth to her first child in 1997 who was born premature. She brought her concerns to the nurse in the NICU at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas about how she would care for or hold her newborn son while he was in the incubator. The nurse began to explain to her how she could massage her infant. She said that massage would create a bond with the mother & child and how it would also stimulate growth in the lungs of her son. She was so fascinated with the level of healing powers of massage that she vowed that healing touch would be her ministry in life to bring this knowledge to as many people as she could as long as she was blessed to do so.

LaToya Forbins has now been in the health & beauty industry since 2001. During that time she attended massage therapy school at Texas Massage Institute Dallas in 2003 and graduated in 2004. She became a spa coordinator for Origins Natural Resources at North Park mall an Estee Lauder Company shortly after graduation.

In her years of working at Origins she also recognized that she had a real connection with skincare and beauty when she decided that she would get further training in esthetics, but the timing had to be just right. While working from her home studio the path to a career in Esthetics was made. By mid 2011 she recognized that it was time to take her career to the next level by attending The Aveda Institute Dallas and graduating in May 2012 to become a licensed Esthetician. During her studies at The Aveda Institute she discovered & developed a passion to learn & master the art of Eyelash Extensions, she attended DSI Cosmetics and received her Eyelash Extension Certification under the tutelage of Patsy Charles. ,

While as an esthetician LaToya has never ceased to pursue her passion, through continuing education & finding new ways to cater & serve her clientele. In this next phase of her life she only wants to continue to grow forward into her calling to serve people & lead staff with purpose through any method she is gifted with. She doesn’t just want to be limited by the treatment room but through infinite possibilities she expects to make a difference in all who are in her sphere of influence & beyond.

She Represents: Jazze Radio-Chica & LaToya Forbins

Source: Jazze Radio-Chica / Jazze Radio-Chica


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