While everyone is distracted with Katt Williams comedian drama, the real world is getting ready for America’s next President. CNN shared their inaugural “Road to 270” map that shows a prediction of the electoral college votes in the U.S. To win the presidential election, the candidate needs 270 votes. These votes are cast by electors […]

It seemed like the day would never come for college alumni to get a little relief from their student loans, but President Joe Biden announced Wednesday he would honor his word from two years ago to make something happen. According to NPR, about 43 million borrowers will benefit, and 20 million will have their debt […]

It’s been two weeks since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24 ending almost 50 years of the constitutional right to abortion. The decision made it illegal nationwide and gave power to the states to determine the parameters and punishment for such an act. Abortion is now banned in nine states, including […]

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Follow The Beat On Twitter:  One of your favorite comedians keeps his cool when TMZ inquired about visiting Trump with a few jokes for fun. He denied the opportunity to join 45, but the curve game is strong & positive.

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  T.I. has finally seen enough of Kanye’s recent decisions and actions. The Atl legend took to Instagram and used all the word characters possible in one caption. Speaking from the heart T.I. seems as this most recent Trump appearance was a power move for himself and not for the community […]

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At a media appearance, LeBron said how he expects neither the Cavs or the Warriors will want an invite to the White House! Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The Latest:

Easter use to be such an exciting White House experience when Barack Obama was in office: good food, good music and celebs from all walks of life. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted their first White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday and things did not go as smoothly as they would […]

Omarosa Manigault has been around Donald Trump so long that she’s even starting to bail in the middle of appearances just because she feels uncomfortable. The former Apprentice star reportedly walked out of a National Newspaper Publishers Association meeting after a reporter asked her a “tough question.” The Afro reports that during the March 23 breakfast meeting, which […]

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A new report details a tense West Wing environment determined to crackdown on the unauthorized sharing of information.

President Donald Trump's skin is apparently not as thick as he pretends it to be.