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While everyone is distracted with Katt Williams comedian drama, the real world is getting ready for America’s next President. CNN shared their inaugural “Road to 270” map that shows a prediction of the electoral college votes in the U.S.

To win the presidential election, the candidate needs 270 votes. These votes are cast by electors who represent every member of the House of Representatives and Senate; so every state gets at least 3 electors. Bigger states obviously have more.

The electors usually go by the popular vote of the state to determine their candidate, and based on this projection map-it looks like Biden is coming up short and former President Donald Trump could be back in The White House.



Map Created by CNN Politics


The map is not a for sure representation and will change as the race takes off. We have so much to discuss and need efficient solutions for our economy, weapons and military aid, immigration, schools, education, abortion, and gun laws just to name a few.

Voting begins on March 5, 2024 with the Primary Elections in Texas. During these races, we will pick our preferred party’s choices for president, U.S. senator, all 38 U.S. representatives, plus state and local offices like the Texas Supreme Court justices, D.A.’s and sheriffs. The winners will advance to the general election in November.

The final day to register to vote for the March 5, 2024 elections is February 5, 2024. You can check your registration HERE. Below are some key dates to keep in mind as the year progresses!

Jan 10- Republican Presidential Debate

Jan 24 – Republican Presidential Debate

March 5- Texas Primary Election

May 23 – Texas Republican Convention

May 28 – Texas nonpresidential primary runoff

Jul 15-18 – Republican National Convention

August 19-22 – Democratic National Convention

Sept 16- General election presidential debate

Sept 25 – Vice Presidential Debate

Oct 1- 2nd General election presidential debate

Oct 9- 3rd General election presidential debate

Nov 5- Election Day

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