Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! After going viral on the internet, and facing a potential rap beef. Boosie keeps it 1000 like a boss eith another southern legend. Check out the above updated and motivated Boosie uncut, in regards of going viral for commenting on T.I.’s honesty moment with the […]

The Queens Recognize Queens campaign honors the hustle, confidence and independent spirit of businesswomen in Texas. This inaugural initiative powered by Urban One Digital, featured an interactive promotion utilizing both on-air support and social media as well as a VIP suite experience at the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour. Jessica Vittorio is the Managing Attorney of The […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Have you decided on what your going to do with your next upgrade? Press play and learn a few bonus facts as to what the hype is all about in regards to the new Iphone models. Do you have a extra $1099 laying around, if so place your orders now […]

Nicki Minaj isn’t new to the charitable effort. Earlier this month, she made in impromptu announcement to cover a handful of fans’ education costs and promised there’ll be more where that came from. Most recently Nicki Minaj has been sharing her wealth through her charity to help people in India get clean water, access to a basic […]

Submit your clean and radio ready track for consideration online Once submitted your song will be checked for approval. If your song is approved the beat staff will contact you via email. (NO CALLS PLEASE) You will be given a date to come into the studio live for a video interview, in which video […]

When it comes to the next generation of iPhones, there is already a bit of controversy.

Now that it’s a new year, most of us have adopted that “out with the old, and in with the new” attitude. The tech industry is no exception! The way Beyonce is talking, it looks like 2017 is going to be the year that those futuristic gadgets we used to see in movies are actually […]

With over 11.5 million Black millennials in the United States and $162 billion in generated revenue, the demographic is a game-changing influencer in the areas of tech and content.

The new update for iPhones has Apple users excitedly using their revamped iMessage systems to send drawings, GIFs and other fun things to each other in their text messages. But, iPhone users should be careful, Beyonce warns, because the new system is not as secure as it used to be. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Usher shares his thoughts on technology in the modern dating world. While dating apps like Tinder have undoubtedly affected the way a lot of younger people go about dating to begin with, smartphones and the pull have technology also have an affect on the ability of two people to focus on building a relationship. Sign […]

Tech watches are super popular nowadays, and options have multiplied since the Apple watch busted onto the season. Between Samsung, the Fitbit and Apple, it might be difficult to choose. But for a woman looking to fit a tech watch into her style, it could be an even harder decision to make. Sign Up For […]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a highly anticipated release for smartphone enthusiasts and especially those who declared themselves to be anti-Apple. But just as soon as the product dropped, the company had to turn around and recall about 2.5 million units of them. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! A waterproof design and a beautifully […]