Former Empire actor Jussie Smollett begins his trial today after he alleged a racist and homophobic attack two years ago against him in downtown Chicago.  Watch as he describes the incident in detail. His family walked alongside him this morning as he entered the courthouse for jury selection. The trial comes not as a result […]

The popular retailer was slammed on social media after running an outrageously distasteful ad.

Kevin Patrick Kelley reportedly threatened a Hispanic woman on social media over her criticism of President Donald Trump.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' demand that Hill be fired ignores all the other news media outlets that have called out President Trump's White supremacy.

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Kid Rock encouraged his fans to "call me a racist" in part because he disagrees with Colin Kaepernick's protest of the American flag and doesn't like being reminded that "black lives matter."

A conservative Illinois think tank came under fire for its caricature of an African-American child.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Fans are not feeling Kim Kardashian after she defends racist comments by beauty guru Jeffree Star.  Star stirred up some controversy with comments made 12 years ago. Fans expected Kim to bash him, but she did the opposite and defended him. Kim’s message was to basically tell her fans to […]

While the doctor has apologized, Lexi Carter plans to file a formal complaint with the state medical board.

North Cobb County High School is currently under investigation after racist comments allegedly made by a student went viral on social media. A spokesperson for the school said the racially-charged social media post was brought to the attention of officials at the school. Police confirmed the person involved was a student but wouldn’t comment on […]

TMZ reports that Bob Romanik is willing to stop calling Waka the N-word if he makes a big change in his lyrics.

They say the best revenge is success and 18-year old Allie Dowdle just got her first big retribution.

A Virginia waitress is the latest American to experience serious racial prejudice.