Juicy is unbothered by her haters on and off "Little Women: Atlanta."

Juicy and brand new "Little Women: Atlanta" cast member Tanya chatted with the morning show!

It's no secret that Rickey Smiley has a passionate love for the "Little Women: Atlanta" cast.


Juicy‘s career is beginning to take off. As the Queen of Atlanta, with a starring role on “Little Women: Atlanta,” she frequently has to let people know about themselves when they try it. As they were shooting some scenes for Rickey Smiley For Real, she got into with the producer when he didn’t understand why […]

Juicy gave a little verbal sneak-peak of tonight’s episode of “Little Women: Atlanta” with Headkrack & Beyonce. She also laid down the law about why people people shouldn’t be quick to believe what her arch-nemesis Minnie says about her on social media.  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, she reveals that she’s above retaliation against […]

Minnie came through to the studio to talk with Rickey Smiley & Juicy about Little Women of Atlanta. But before any words were even spoken, Minnie’s shirt said it all. Just on the heels of Juicy & Minnie’s wing altercation, Minnie walked into the studio wearing a shirt that says “Got Wings?” The levels of […]

Juicy recaps the latest episode of Little Women of Atlanta, which featured the ladies going to Myrtle Beach for Black Bike Week. While they were there, Minnie confronted Juicy about the prior incident with the wings, when Minnie’s mother started throwing wings at Juicy. Plus, Rickey Smiley talks about getting revenge on all the people […]

Juicy and Minnie of “Little Women: Atlanta” sit down with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show chat about the reunion episode that occurred the night before. Minnie gives an update on the status of her relationship between her and Pastor Troy. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! They give an update on who gave out apologies and shade on the reunion episode, […]

Juicy and Minnie of “Little Women of Atlanta” sit down with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and explain what it was like to shoot the premiere episode; they dish about…