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Bobbi Brown utilizes local talent and South Africa to help with their new campaign.

The latest contouring trend will ruin all of your white t-shirts.

The latest contouring trend will ruin all of your white t-shirts.

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse - a funny ode to the end of the world and boy scouts, of course - is in theaters today.

With so few beauty products crafted specifically for Black women on the market, it’s always tough when one of our own is in trouble. In light of the recent controversy surrounding Black Opal‘s decision to extend their brand’s complexion reach, another cosmetics line designed for women of color, Fashion Fair, is slowly disappearing from department stores, despite […]

After years of being marginalized by the professional makeup artists–and the fashion industry at large–Sudanese model Nykhor Paul let the Internet know how she really feels. When it’s your job to have a fully stocked makeup kit, there is no excuse for any makeup artist to ask their darker customers to bring in their own […]

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Thanks to Instagram, it’s universal knowledge that makeup techniques have transformative powers. From contouring to highlighting, today’s makeup trends not only enhance your natural beauty,…