The Independent reports that Father Jude McPeak, a Dominican Friar and member of the St Paul's Catholic Church network in Bloomington, was on his way to get some frozen yogurt when he was mistaken for a member of the Ku Klux Klan.


A local chapter of the Black Panthers took to the streets to dispel hate and shut down a KKK rally in Dallas this week. Their leader is captured on film explaining why the group decided to gather “in solidarity” to speak out against Donald Trump and his supporters. You can hear the group chanting “Who’s […]

Mac Miller is one more person Donald Trump doesn’t like. Donald has threatened to sue Mac in the past over using his name in Mac’s 2012 song “Donald Trump.”  Mac showed the feeling to be mutual, tweeting in December not to “elect this motherf*** man.” On The Nightly Show last night host Larry Wilmore gave Mac Miller the floor to […]

Donald Trump said he doesn't know David Duke and unequivocally disavowed support from white supremacists. But he made statements in 2000 that indicate knowledge of Duke's racist views.

Critics clapback saying that Americans deserve a president who isn't afraid to condemn white supremacists and hate groups.

One of the country's most elite military schools is the latest group to get caught up in a racial scandal.

The world's most famous hacktivist group has expressed its interest in recognizing the "real people underneath the hoods" while holding the KKK accountable for spreading hate.

Sharing unsuspecting people's private information online isn't justice-it's Internet terrorism.

Anonymous began its release today with a partial list revealing accused politicians' names, address, emails, phone numbers and spouses.

The husband of the mayor of a small Oklahoma town has apologized for posing as a Ku Klux Klan member for Halloween.

For over a year, the KKK and Anonymous have exchanged blows online. The first unhooding by the collective was last year during the Ferguson unrest.

The group tweeted their warning on Tuesday, promising to out at least 1,000 members.