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The appeal of living a celebrity lifestyle can be quite enticing — a mainstay at the Meta Gala, always one to receive the latest IVY PARK collection sent straight from Beyoncé herself and, well, simply being the apple of everyone’s eye in the glitz and glam world of Hollywood.

However, as with anything that shines bright, there’s always a dull side that many don’t see which can unfortunately make fame seem not all that it’s cracked up to be. One of the biggest issues celebrities face is the unwanted attention from overzealous fans, and in more serious cases that obsession can lead to an all-out stalker situation.

Veteran actress and current talk show queen Drew Barrymore was the latest A-lister to experience the madness in a now-viral incident at a 92NY event where she was there to interview budding singer/actress Reneé Rapp. The live sit-down was interrupted by a man now identified by the name Chad Michael Busto, who not only has a history of stalking other celebrities but was even detained on Wednesday (August 23) for going as far as making it into Barrymore’s neighborhood in Long Island, NY.


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As reported by The New York Post, Busto was caught going “door-to-door” in search of Barrymore’s multimillion-dollar farmhouse. While it appears he was detained, and thankfully the Scream queen wasn’t home at the time, many reports are saying that he’s been released and possibly plotting his next public display of affection. Stalker situations can get very tricky, especially because in most cases the authorities won’t act until an actual crime is committed. Sounds like a “too little, too late” situation to us, but hopefully no public figure or person in general ever has to be an example of the worst outcome.

We put together a list of 11 shocking celebrity stalker stories that shed light on one unfortunate price of fame:

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TYLER PERRY Source:Getty

Back in 2014, on Halloween night no less, Perry had to file a lawsuit on a man who stalked him to the point of disabling the power at Tyler Perry Studios — he was a former employee — and barricading himself into the main office until he spoke face to face with the Madea star. 

via Detroit Free Press


RIHANNA Source:Getty

Rihanna’s 2019 stalker was so bold that he spent a whole night in her L.A. mansion. He’s still on supervised probation and can’t contact her for 10 years or even visit her social media. Rude, boy!

via NY Daily News


BEYONCÉ Source:Getty

During the UK stops of her current Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé and team were on high alert for a man named Bassey Essien who’s been stalking her via threatening letters for over a decade now. 

via Singersroom


One word, two syllables: IN-SANITY!

That’s all.

via Red Table Talk / Facebook Watch


ASHANTI Source:Getty

The “Foolish” singer has annoyingly had to hear the name Devar Hurd since the beginning of her career. He’s only gotten more and more aggressive since 2003, going as far as representing himself in court so that he could talk directly to Ashanti. The details on his stalking are graphic, from tweeting sexually explicit pics to breaking his restraining order to deceivingly take pics with her sister. The full story is a rabbit hole in itself. 

via BET



How do you live in someone’s pool house for a full week?! J. Lo’s 2013 home intruder, who broke in while she was away and having renovations done, was not only a former fire department employee but somehow convinced workers that he was her ex-husband. This is following a restraining order she was granted earlier in the year after he contacted her mom.

via TMZ


ERYKAH BADU Source:Getty

Even though Badu said herself that the situation was “overblown,” anytime someone appears unannounced at your home with intentions to be in any physical contact with you is alarming enough. Always be safe than sorry, queen!

via EURWeb


MARVIN SAPP Source:Getty

Sapp had a woman claim him as her husband, move across the state on a whim, join his church and contact his kids. When the case finally made it to court, he had collected over 400 pages of correspondence with zero response from his end. Prayers up!


via CNN


Don’t let a pretty stalker fool you! Kenny Lattimore learned the hard way, and told our guy D.L. Hughley all about it in the classic clip above. 


via The D.L. Hughley Show / TV One

10. T.D. JAKES

T.D. JAKES Source:Getty

The beloved paster actually found it in his heart to drop the restraining order he put against a former church member who began stalking him for three years. Fortunately, he came to his senses soon after and refiled.

via The Dallas Morning News


We don’t even have to say much — the concern in Usher’s voice from the leaked 9-1-1 call says it all!

via ABC News