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Hey good people’s! TheMiaDivine here with your Monday “Woosahhhh” Unplug and tap in! Okay, message of the day: Learn to embrace the version of yourself that you are when no one else is around. The weird, sad, sensitive, goofy, version.  I used to get so anxious wondering how the world around me perceived me. I […]

Hey good people, TheMiaDivine here with another Moment Unplugged, lets tap in for our A daily woosahhhh! I personally think it’s crazy how our upbringing and the way we were raised affects our daily lives in ways that we couldn’t imagine. If you come from a family that isn’t perfect or some of your parental […]

What if you viewed your pain as preparation? Instead of judging yourself for not being good enough, what if we turned that pain into focus on becoming our best selves? What if we could become more empowered and hopeful throughout our life- knowing that what we experienced wasn't in vain and could actually benefit us. Your pain is unique to you, and so is your best life. You’re not alone.