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Hey good people’s! TheMiaDivine here with your Monday “Woosahhhh” Unplug and tap in! Okay, message of the day: Learn to embrace the version of yourself that you are when no one else is around. The weird, sad, sensitive, goofy, version. 

I used to get so anxious wondering how the world around me perceived me. I feel like anxiety starts with having that one bad breakup, or the first hard rejection from someone or something you thought you wanted, or really traumatic childhood experiences, and eventually that pain turns into seeking affirmation and validation from those around you. Or maybe you just scroll on social media wayyy to much and now you’re comparing your life and you feel inadequate. When you think about it, it’s almost like were programmed to live to impress other people. No real voice, and not being true to who we are. So many of us seek out filling a void of needing someone to accept and validate who we are, literally our existence! I don’t understand why we feel the need to be someone other than who we truly are to feel loved, special and needed. To be honest, if you try to live for someone else or the approval of others you’ll end up losing yourself in the process; along with the very people you try to impress. If they don’t love you for you, they don’t belong in your life. Same thing with my relationship with The Most High. The Most High loves me just the way I am; flaws and all. I don’t have to front or pretend to be perfect, I am enough. I don’t have to follow all the rules for his love, he loves me regardless; broken, broke, unhealthy, confused, insecure, no matter what the circumstances- nothing can separate me from his love. Side note, most of the time you’re way better than who people perceive you to be. We all have a soul within us that has lived and experienced things that make up who were are, and that cant be measured or labeled or compared. The Most High created us all uniquely and with intention, purpose and plans for our lives. Be you, love you, do you, authentically -for you. How can you challenge yourself to be more confident in your authenticity and who you are today?

Have a beautiful divine week, Mia!


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