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Hey good people, TheMiaDivine here with another Moment Unplugged, lets tap in for our A daily woosahhhh!

I personally think it’s crazy how our upbringing and the way we were raised affects our daily lives in ways that we couldn’t imagine. If you come from a family that isn’t perfect or some of your parental figures may have had toxic tendencies that were physically or emotionally abusive to you, just know that you have a father in heaven whose seen everything you’ve been through. You may even have both parents in your home and still felt orphaned. Even if you can’t vocalize your pain, even if it looks like you have the perfect family and other people don’t get it, The Most High knows.

Be the healed, evolved person that you are now. Never be afraid to be misunderstood or have a different vision for your life. Evolution says that your bloodline improves every time a new baby is born into your family. The Most High says the same is true for when a person is reborn, “so if the son sets you free you will be free indeed” that means you are free from toxic cycles, generational curses and unhealthy dynamics.

Sometimes our families don’t support us in the way we feel that they should, they don’t understand us or accept us for who we are, sometimes they gossip about us and belittle our endeavors. Home should be a safe place, but for some it’s a reminder of who you were, what you’ve been through, who you don’t want to be, or what you want to improve in your own life, and how you choose to grow from what you’ve seen. Where you come from does not determine where you’re going. You have the power to be the change you wish to see in your family. Healing from the mistakes your parents made can feel like a heavy burden, but knowing that they have their own life stories and people who may have hurt them too; can help you learn mercy, grace and forgiveness.

Be inspired and know that nobody’s family is absolutely perfect, through faith and daily woosahs, we can improve and impact our families in a powerful way.

Have a beautiful divine week, Mia

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