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Hey good people, I am The Mia Divine and it’s time for a Moment Unplugged. Woooooosah! Take a deep breathe in and out and picture your worries like clouds passing by in the sky. It’s okay to observe them, it’s also okay to watch them float by.

Society puts so much pressure on us to be ideal according to its standards. The most attractive. The most loved. To have the most important and perfect life. The best clothing brands and lifestyle on social media. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best for ourselves. Actually, I think we should all strive for our best lives, however, I know to well that life can be difficult and unfair. Sometimes you can be born at a disadvantage, or something totally unfair and unexpected could happen to you for no apparent reason, and you have every right to feel hurt and angry, but the truth is- nobodies life is perfect and we all experience pain, pain that we try to hide.

The challenge lies in taking responsibility for who we want to be, and not becoming bitter- thinking everyone else’s life is better. Why compare your life to others or envy someone else- when an absolute painless life doesn’t exist for any of us. Pain and trials are a part of our experience on earth, the difference is- who you choose to become afterwards. Pain can change us for the better. Wiser, stronger, it can build character and add value to who we are, it can produce promise and unity. Sometimes the best things can only happen for us after we’ve been “stretched” to a capacity to receive them. If you can’t handle rejection and gossip, how could you handle success? Unfortunately, the judgement from other people comes with it.

What if you viewed your pain as preparation? Instead of judging yourself for not being good enough, what if we turned that pain into focus on becoming our best selves? What if we could become more empowered and hopeful throughout our life- knowing that what we experienced wasn’t in vain and could actually benefit us. Your pain is unique to you, and so is your best life. You’re not alone.

What painful situation have you experienced? How can your pain change you for the better? How can you inspire someone else from your own experience?

Have a beautiful divine week!


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