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Ice Cube threw everyone for a loop when he revealed he was working with the Trump Administration. But he’s not the only Ice that you have to watch out for…

5. Ice T

Body Count

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Now I’m not saying the OG isn’t real. By all accounts, he’s a legend and a real one. But if you go from making a song called “Cop Killer,” to playing a cop on tv for 20 years…I’ll always look at you a little sideways.

4. Iceland


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So if you went to middle school, you may recall that Iceland got its name because they wanted to fool their enemies into thinking it was freezing there, so no one would wanna be there. When it’s really Greenland that’s icy, and Iceland that’s green. Any place that’s petty enough to name itself something to keep a lie going, I don’t trust.

3. ICE-is (Isis)

House fire, wooden home in flames, fully ablaze with thick smoke

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Now the real Isis was the goddess of healing. She loved her husband so much, she basically went to Hell to get him. Now does that sound like the evil, murdering hate group Isis?? If CNN didn’t teach you that they can’t be trusted, here’s your confirmation.

2. Vanilla Ice

2019 Mega Mix Beer & 90's Music Festival

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Not because he couldn’t rap. Not because he bit MC Hammer’s style. Not even because his real name is Robert Van Winkle. But because he named himself Vanilla….Ice. When did ice start coming in flavors?? And who the hell would pick vanilla?? Strawberry, cherry, grape…all acceptable. But vanilla??

1. Ice Water

Young Woman Using Smart Phone While Relaxing At A Restaurant

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Now I want you hydrated at all times. But I don’t think you should drink water with ice cubes in it. You can’t trust ice cubes. They start off hard, then get softer and smaller until they disappear and you don’t even recognize them…