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A Reddit user posed the question, “What fetish will you keep a secret from the people you know IRL?” The thread quickly went viral. 

Some of the weirdest fetishes included watching naked women brushing their teeth, one woman had a ceramic tile fetish (yes one user said they’re turned on by the lines of the tiles and cleanliness of them) and pool inflatables. 

One Reddit user admitted that they were turned on by pee and bedwetting in particular, another liked women in sweaters and yet another said they were turned on by the Trix cereal bunny….um yeah. 

Other fetishes such as tounges, forced consenual sex, and role play popped up in the comment and were seen as normal as compared to the one user who said he was secretly sexually attracted to female amputees.

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Are you secretly turned on by something bizarre? Feel free to answer…anonymously of course, Then click the source link below to see if your fetish is the weirdest. 


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