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I tried to shoot my shot last night, and got curved! But I don’t regret it. Here’s why:

5. You’ll Fit In

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Everybody is like “It’s 2020! Anything can happen, you better live!” You can’t dance, you don’t smoke weed, you don’t drink. Here’s your chance to do what all the cool kids are doing! So swish swish, lil baby!

4. You’ll Never Know if You Don’t

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I already know what you’re doing: texting your best friend like “girl he so fine. Oh my God his energy is amazing…..but what if he don’t like me?? What if he’s taken?? Maaaaaan I’m scared.” Girl. You gone let the agony of the unknown scare you? Or you gone put on your big girl panties and get rejected? Aye, at least you’ll know that’s not your man, and you can move on to someone else.

3. For Equal Rights

'Double Standards' Benefit Concert Celebrating Women's Rights

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Women are always saying they want the same rights as men, but that vision seems to get a little blurry when it comes to dating. Look here: it’s 2020; you telling me you gone miss out on your husband because you too scared to ask for his number?? Tuh. If you don’t, I will. What’s up, red shirt?? Say, light skin!

2. It’ll Humble You

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You know you a baddie, and anyone who doesn’t want you is either blind or gay. And you’re better than most people. You’re mean to these peasants who try to get your number. So you shoot that shot at who you want…and he dogs your lil uglass. It doesn’t mean you’re not the whole package, but it definitely means you need to stop sticking up your nose at people.

1. It’s a Confidence Booster

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You’re so scared that he’s not gonna be into you. Like yea you know you’re attractive and have a good heart and all that…but you’re afraid of rejection. Totally normal. But do it anyway! You shoot that shot, then he says he’s been looking at you and didn’t know if YOU would be interested, the BAM: issa whole husband.