Doing “12 Days of Christmas” every year reminds me how important it is for kids to remember that their dreams are doable. Here’s why it’s not too late for you to chase yours:

5. It’ll Get You Women

Premiere Of TV One's 'When Love Kills' - Arrivals

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

So you know how lit your Tinder profile will be if the space for ‘occupation’ says “Entrepreneur” and you actually are one?? Tuh. You gone have to start turning down dates!

4. It’s Dangerous Not To

Popeyes chicken sandwich

Source: Popeyes / Popeyes

It was cool when Popeye’s was selling regular chicken dinners, but once they added sandwiches it was like walking in Iraq! You really wanna risk your life for someone else’s dream of chicken sandwiches?

3. You Mama is Running Out of Money

High Angle View Of Paper Currencies In Pocket

Source: Sakda Maprachuab / EyeEm / Getty

Chasing your dream can def leave you low on money, but it’ll pay off. Meanwhile, if you just living check to check at a dead end job…your mama can’t keep giving you $20 til next Friday.

2. Chasing Women Ain’t Working

ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Five

Source: Kevin Estrada / Getty

Were you present for “hot girl summer?” These hoes ain’t interested in a man who can’t buy them nothing. And you so broke, you can’t pay attention…to these women…that you can’t buy anything for…

1. We Tired of You Complaining

Steve Kerr

Source: Stephen Dunn / Getty

Sure your daughter is starting high school and you still passing out blank cd’s written on with sharpie, but we would rather you do that than complain about the drought you’re having selling weed. Actually….sell weed. If it’s fire, I’ll be your biggest customer.

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