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Yella Beezy is enjoying the success of having one of the hottest songs in the country and the release of his debut album. Check out the interview above in which Beezy talks with Veda Loca in the Morning about:

  • “Ain’t Goin’ Bacc” to being broke or his old ways
  • The chain of events that led up to the shooting and after
  • Making a song in the hospital
  • Who he called first after the shooing
  • Getting shot 3 times
  • No witnesses being found and not talking to police
  • Letting fans pick the next single
  • How people can get a feature
  • Dorrough Music’s come up versus Post Malone’s
  • The Dallas music scene versus the Atlanta music scene
  • BET Awards
  • And more!

Jazzi Black’s Top 3 Favorites On The Album:

Conceited, Big Drip, and Why They Mad

-Farlin Ave

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Yella Beezy On Veda Loca In The Morning (PHOTOS)
Yella Beezy
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