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Have we finally figured out who the infamous KiKi is in Drake‘s song In My Feelings from his newest album Scorpion?

K’yanna Barber, a dancer from Oakland California  claims that she is the woman being referenced in the song. She goes on in a interview saying “I was kind of surprised by it myself when I heard it,” she said. “I was sitting in the living room with my son, my brother, my mom. We was just listening to the album [‘Scorpion’] like everybody else. You know, it’s Drake. He dropped new music. You listen to it.” “When we heard ‘KB’ that’s when my mom started going crazy because that’s my actual initials,” she added. When asked if she loves Drake she continues to say “I feel like he knows the answer. You got to ask him.”

What do you think? Could she really be the woman that Drake is referencing?

Source: AceShowBiz 

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