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On August 12th 2014 Beyonce dropped a remix to her female empowerment anthem “Flawless” and it contained some bars that gave fans an early indication on what they could expect from the trio of albums that would come from Bey and Jay Z. “Of course some shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator,” That “shit” being Jay’s infidelity (potentially with Becky with the good hair) that not only lead to an elevator brawl with Solange but back to back successful albums that helped the Everything Is Love couple reach a new financial benchmark. Hova and Beezus are now worth a combined $1.25 billion thanks to successful stadium tours, blockbuster albums and numerous business ventures between the couple.

There are very few Hollywood moguls that come close to The Carters throne. I mean, besides Oprah whose worth three billion dollars but let’s get real. Very few people can touch Oprah’s pinnacle of success. Last year Forbes listed Oprah as the third Richest Self-Made Women in America and whether we’re talking about the entrepreneurs who make it to these prestigious Forbes lists or the musicians who can turn their successful singles and fame into billionaire mogul careers, the perseverance and work ethic of the people on the top of the money pyramid is undeniable (The rich gets rich, the poor stay afloat but that’s another article). Beyonce is currently in her paved lane into legendary status with decades of grueling work as a member of Destiny’s Child and later a solo artist. When watching her perform or executing an album drop, everything is precise with no leaks and her most recent projects have definitely left an impact on how artists share their music through surprise releases and the conversations that can stem from one of Hollywood’s most private couples opening up and showing the relatable struggles in their relationship.

With more artists going the route of heavy hitters like Oprah who was able to turn a successful daytime talk show into an acting career, production company and even a line of healthy, heat-and-eat foods called “O, That’s Good!” it’ll be interesting to see how Hip Hop will dominate the business world in the upcoming years. Rappers like Jay Z, Diddy, and Kanye West have already left their mark in big ways with streaming services, fashion lines and a television network, but I see bigger things on the horizon. Maybe a new Black Wallstreet? Record labels that could rival the current gatekeepers of the music industry.  If not the current artists dominating music, Beyonce already boasted about her grandbabies that’ll obviously be wealthy from the womb, “My great-great grandchildren already rich, that’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes list,”Let’s see if the next generations of the Carters will stop the world like their legendary parents.

Article By: Marcel Jeremiah