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Dallas Cowboys’ Offensive Lineman coach Paul Alexander uses Heinz Ketchup in his coaching skills.  An excerpt from his book “Perform” is getting a lot of attention because per Alexander, how you get the ketchup out of the bottle has a lot to do with how he looks at you as a player.  Read below:

Here is the excerpt from Paul Alexander’s book Perform:

(The “57” is) placed at the precise spot where if one taps gently on the tipped bottle, the ketchup flows freely from the bottle. Even the new plastic squeeze bottles have a perfectly placed “57” at its optimal squeezing position. The person who figured that out was a genius.

When I see a large football player turn a bottle of ketchup upside down and pound at its heel with tremendous force yet with limited success, I immediately make the mental note:

He must either play defensive line, or if he plays offensive line, he can’t play for me.

I’m an Offensive Line Coach. I coach the big, fat guys, and I love them. Offensive linemen need to be the smartest, most cohesive group on the football field because they are responsible for the combinations of problems that eleven coordinated defenders can cause. In football, there are eleven defenders and eight gaps that they can charge. Assuming each man can choose one gap, there are 437,514 possible defensive alignments that the offensive line must deal with. Football strategy can be complicated much like an advanced level math problem. Offensive linemen and their coaches seek to solve complex problems with simple solutions.

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