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Most would not even know the name Sonia Kilo, until recently. For over a decade Sonia Kilo has worked on her craft of songwriting, but the world would not have even heard her name if it wasn’t for some of Dallas’s most prominent producers such as Dustin Cavazos, Abel Zamora, and Christopher “CloakBeats” Tinney . Her debut single “I Rise” (Won’t Breakdown) was released in January of 2018, and created a buzz in Dallas, TX.

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Sonia Kilo is a Latina who was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She started singing at the age of 8 when her Mother noticed she could mimic each note of Mariah Carey’s range in her song “Hero”. Her parents realized her talents and decided to invest in vocal training, and at the age of 11 she found her way to the Septien Entertainment Group, where she continued to train and discovered her love for songwriting.

Throughout the years Sonia learned to find her vocal range and sound between R&B, Alternative, and Soul. It is hard to miss the powerhouse vocals that she is able to provide in each song, and the dream like songwriting which captivates her fans.

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In March of 2018 Sonia was given the advice from a friend to invest into a production session with Abel Zamora and Dustin Cavazos. An 8 hour session that later helped her find the sound for her next single. From that session her next single “Box of Secrets” was created, as well as the ground work for her EP that is set to release in July of 2018. With her ability to write in any genre as well as sing in Spanish and English, she is more confident than ever to release her music and allow this project to showcase the talent she has worked on the past decade.

Sonia Kilo’s newest single “Box of Secrets” can be found on all digital music outlets.


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