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Check out this emotional story of how a soldier received his Wish from a non-profit organization called, “A Soldier’s Wish.”

Thomas Vandeventer already had a Purple Heart from shrapnel wounds on his first tour of duty, but the IED blast that destroyed his Humvee on his second deployment took both of his legs. Long months of rehab, surgeries and adjustment followed. Thomas’ wife LeAnn told us that through everything he endured, he never lost his positive attitude. But there were many challenges—including the carpeting in their new home that made it very difficult for him to navigate with his wheelchair.

He needed help to restore his mobility. Even though Vandeventer has been through such hardships, his wife LeAnn says that he has never lost his positive attitude and outlook on life. LeAnn nominated him for a Wish to replace the carpet in their house with a wood vinyl so that he can get around easier.

Soldier’s Wish and Subway stepped in and did just that. Over the course of  a week, the Vandeventers’ carpet was removed, and replaced with wood vinyl to ensure that Thomas could get around without the worry of snagging his chair.

Now that he has mobility, it increases his quality of life and gives him back the independence he cherishes.“ Times were tough in the beginning,” he says. “By moving on and living, that would be the ultimate payback to the ones that detonated that IED, because that is what they were trying to take from me.”

Here’s more information about Soldier’s Wish and how you can nominate a soldier to receive a wish.

Soldier’s Wish had its genesis when a group of like-minded citizens gathered together to create an event to raise funds to help honor and support our veterans and active-duty military. They raised approximately $50,000, which was donated to the American Legion to use for such purposes. Several of those involved decided to create a charity which could continue that mission. Having experienced success in their first endeavor, they immediately sought leadership from some of the best who had supported the first event because of their expertise in working with charities. They were referred to a nationally-known expert in non-profit law, Mr. Charles H. Nave, Esq., as well as a host of others who donated other forms of support for their efforts.

At the request of this group, Mr. Nave created a Virginia non-profit corporation, and continues to assist the group in their application to the Internal Revenue Service for recognition as a 501C-3 nonprofit charity. With those bridges crossed, the group began selecting individuals who understood the need for Soldier’s Wish and were willing to invest themselves in helping Soldier’s Wish accomplish their mission. Pulling from a dedicated group of individuals who wanted to take part in helping meet the unmet needs of those who have served—and are serving—as members of our nation’s Armed Forces, an initial Board of Directors was selected.

After dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s, committees were named and the invitation went forth to all who would stand in the gap by helping meet the unmet needs of those men and women of America’s military who willingly put their lives on the line while serving to protect our nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Every day since its inception, Soldier’s Wish invites all Americans to become involved in one of the most fulfilling missions of all times. Today, we are inviting YOU! Your support of Soldier’s Wish is your opportunity to say Thank You in a very special way to our American heroes for their sacrifice for our country.

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