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Unlike the lyrics in Lil Wayne’s 2012 hit “No Worries,” he’s got plenty to worry about these days. Especially in the financial department, where he’s still in a $50 million legal battle with his mentor and boss Birdman.

Now the state of Florida is hitting with an almost $900,000 tax lien for back taxes owed since 2014. That’s on top of the $12 million he already owes the state.

You might remember last year Miami-Dade authorities raided his house late last year, seizing property worth not ‘a milli’, but $2 milli he owed to Signature Group in a civil case filed by the private jet company. He has since moved out of that property, which could be the reason for the oversight.

Young Money could turn into Straight Outta Money if he doesn’t get his money affairs in order.