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VH1 'Love & Hip Hop' Season 4 Premiere

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On this week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York

The dramatic moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived!

Peter’s big moment where he dropped another bomb on Amina went off with several hitches. Their happiness has always been fleeting. Just when Amina and Peter were “working it out” for the umpteenth time squared, he told her that Tara was pregnant and keeping the baby. This obviously didn’t go over well. Amina went into a crying fit about how this couldn’t be true and shrieked, “I’m the one that’s supposed to be pregnant, and I just killed my baby!”



She started ranting about how evil Peter was, but like, can we break out the tiny violin? This is what his behavior has been like the entire time he has been going back and forth between Tara and Amina. Something like this happening was inevitable. Who’s all in for Peter’s vasectomy fund?


It’s hard not to wonder if Amina would be as mad as she was if Tara had gotten an abortion too. I digress.

Later on Amina pow wowed with Whitney, her grown stepdaughter, and even Whitney said she needs to figure out what she’s gonna do because again, this is what Peter does.


MariahLynn went to Ciscos’s place to tell him that she went to get some advice from Rich Dollaz (because her mom got locked up again, without bail, and in her third trimester of pregnancy). Cisco didn’t like this at all because he didn’t appreciate the fact that Rich was a creep (it takes one to know one). Basically, they have beef anyway. Cisco suspected that MariahLynn did more with Rich than vent (MariahLynn claimed it was innocent, but later on in the episode Rich said it has been going down), and said they should go get checked for STD’s. MariahLynn was offended at first, but then agreed. Given the Peter Gunz situation and the general plethora of messiness in the history of all Love and Hip Hop’s ever, this was the best idea ever.

Fast forward to the end of the episode…

Rich called an ambush meeting with MariahLynn starring Cisco’s surprise visit. They both had the nerve to call her out about “trying to go back and forth between them,” as if they’ve never done anyone even worse. Cisco then told Rich that the only reason he was kicking it to MariahLynn was to get back at Rich for their personal issues.


Anyway, MariahLynn started ranting about how she can sleep with whomever she wants, whenever and however, especially if it’s not her man. That is true, but it was obvious that her ego was hurt, despite the fact that she wasn’t even the worst person in that situation, and especially since Cisco played himself by trying to act like he wasn’t as into her as he was. She left, and Rich and Cisco resolved to have their own chat to hash out their beef. We’ll see that next week, but based on the previews, it looks like hands are about to be thrown and Creep Squad bonds will be broken.


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