Rich Dollaz

Rich Dollaz, the patron saint of all creeps, is getting it on with Anais, and you know this is about to be messy.

Yandy and Samantha almost come to blows, Cisco and Rich face off, and more.

Cisco's shady behavior threatens Creep Squad unity, Bianca and Mariahlynn have a major showdown, and more.

According to the account of several witnesses, the upset involved Jhonni Blaze.

Remy Ma settles beef with her mother and Rashidah Ali just in time for her wedding, while Rich and Cisco can't seem to friends again.

Rich Dollaz and Cisco feel some type of way about MariahLynn having a relationship with each of them, and Peter Gunz comes clean to Amina about getting Tara pregnant.

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Fizz wants Moniece to be a more present mom, Hazel E explains where her nose job rumors came from, Amber confronts Milan, and more.

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Rich Dollaz moves in with Moniece, and Soulja Boy gets caught in more lies.

Nia believes Soulja Boy is faithful until she meets another side piece; while Rich Dollaz and Moniece actually try to make a relationship happen.