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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York begins with Rich Dollaz talking about how Anais slid into his DMs. You know Rich doesn’t turn down ratchet p, so he’s entertaining her married-with-two-kids arse. The other part of this is that Anais now wants Rich to manage her instead of Navarro, and Rich doesn’t know how to break the news to his boy/frat brother.


Lil’ Mo and Remy Ma have some married lady bonding time and Lil’ Mo dishes on what happened with Karl’s shady lie detector test results and their session with Dr. Jeff. Remy Ma feels for Mo, who is obviously hurting and invites her to North Carolina for the launch of her boutique, Conceited. Lil’ Mo thinks this will be a good way for her to clear her head.

Yandy and Bianca meet to discuss the incident at the club, with Bianca popping off on Jonathan. Yandy is over it and tired of Bianca burning bridges with people with her constant popping off.

Bianca comes to tears talking about how she has to be tough because it’s a hard knock life for her and she has no choice but to be tough and…pull out your tiny violins. In short, Yandy severs business ties with Bianca. Yandy has been an absentee manager anyway, so Bianca should just move on and figure out how to make this Love and Hip-Hop platform work for her career without throwing hands.


Anais and Jonathan link up again to call a truce. This time they actually have a civil conversation where they make amends for treating each other like jerks all these years. Once they get past that, Jonathan reveals that he’s dating an R&B singer who seems to be too busy for him. Later on, we meet Trent, and is definitely as emotionally unavailable as you’d imagine. That’s obviously going to end in heartbreak. Anais reveals that she’s checked out of her marriage because her husband doesn’t want her pursuing her career in entertainment again and then drops dime that there’s something blossoming between she and Richie D. Jonathan, knowing that Rich is a platinum card-carrying member of the Creep Squad, doesn’t trust it.

Now we’re at the opening of Remy Ma’s boutique, Conceited. It starts off cute enough, until Karl pops up on Lil’ Mo. Turns out, Papoose told Karl where Mo was.


Karl seems to be apologetic and begs Mo for another chance. His Sorry for 2004 routine gasses Mo up enough to give him another shot. She wants to work things out “for their family.”

Sophia links up with James R. again. James apologizes for Mariahlynn’s wild cassowary behavior and then tells Sophia that he has a thing for her and then this lady appears with a puppy for Sophia.


This is a cassowary btw:


Anyway, James basically stalked Sophia’s life and found out that she has wanted this breed of puppy (it looked like a little mogwai but maybe it was a teacup pomeranian) for a long time, so he sets this up to show her that he can give her things that Jacquae can’t.


Sooooo….she plans to just show up to Jacquae’s apartment, where she has been staying, with a random puppy purchased by a man who likes her.


She shows up to Jacquae’s apartment with this dang dog and casually mentions that she got it from James. Jacquae is already feeling some type of way because people, including James, have been in his ear, claiming that Sophia has been acting like she’s romantically interested in James (Jacquae also confronted her about this earlier). This obviously doesn’t go over well. Jacquae starts going off on her, she tries to downplay the whole thing. Even call James corny (which is true) because this means he’s obviously trying way too hard to impress her.

Jacquae kicks Sophia and her little dog right out.

How much you wanna bet Sophia goes running right to James?

See you next week!


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