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Beyonce is sparking rumors that she’s preggers again but doesn’t want to reveal the news just yet, which is the reason why some say we haven’t seen much of her out in public lately, pointing out the fact that she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since before Christmas.

They believe it even more now after a picture came out of her covering her stomach and wearing a bulky coat as she was leaving a restaurant.

It’s not the first time talk of her being pregnant have hit the rumor mill. You might remember in August she had people talking when she was snapped carrying her laptop in front of her stomach as she walked. And remember when she posted this photo of herself buried in sand on the beach with a big bump on her stomach?

Maybe it’s nothing. Or maybe she really is. Perhaps she’s waiting for the perfect platform with the right exposure to spill the beans? A super bowl half-time appearance perhaps? Perhaps.

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