Anthony Doran, a former police commander for Pinal County Sheriff’s Office used the department’s bodycam to film himself having sex in his office and stored additional pornography on his work computer.  He has since been terminated, something which he thought he didn’t deserve, he thought he only deserved a suspension. Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up […]

If you’re one of those people that has been procrastinating with upgrading your computer to something, shiny, new, and virtually weightless, now is the time! Apple is rolling out gorgeous new Macbooks that put all of our laptops to shame, and Beyonce has all of the information you need. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click […]

Beyonce is sparking rumors that she’s preggers again but doesn’t want to reveal the news just yet, which is the reason why some say we haven’t seen much of her out in public lately, pointing out the fact that she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since before Christmas. They believe it even more now after a […]

Ok, the Big Dummies of the week are these fools out in California. Who thought they were going to hide from the police in swimming pool full of people while wearing their boxers??? Read the full story at the link below: NBCDFW

  Let this be a lesson to everybody, especially celebrities. Do not make promises you are not willing to keep them. Ryan Leslie‘s 2010 Cadillac…

An Oregon man has burglarized multiple homes — not to steal, but to watch pornography on victims’ computers, police said. Antone Owens of Eugene has been arrested and charged with menacing, coercing and burglary, NBC affiliate NewsSource 16 reported. Read More Here:

A Pennsylvania mother went to great lengths to see her children succeed when she logged into a school district’s computer system to change their grades, state police and school officials say. Read the Full Article Here: