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It’s a bit of an effort to type out “Hey, what’s up? hello,” but the catchphrase now comes in a singular emoji, along with about 60 others inspired by Paterson rapper Fetty Wap, now available in the App Store in all of their one-eyed glory. The official Fetty Wap emoji pack contains plenty of emojis depicting Fetty himself, and there are a few showing him and his “trap queen,” just in case you want to plan an evening of pie-cooking with bae.Fetty’s emoji pack is available through the Moji Keyboard for iPhone. Honestly, the “100” emoji is becoming passé at this point, and a nice “1738” is a more suitable way of expressing one’s enthusiasm.

Though Fetty’s emoji package likely won’t be nearly as successful as that of Kim Kardashian — which, at one point, was reportedly earning about $1 million per minute, it will definitely add some nice change to his constantly accumulating bankroll.

Source | HNHH