Through Sept. 30, Wendy’s is offering free burgers (a Dave’s single), with any purchase made thru the Wendy’s app and I heard you can do it as many times as you want!   Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The Latest:

If you have a Chase account and you forget your card you can still get your cash from the ATM with Chase’s new cardless access. The new technology allows users while using the Chase mobile app to just “tap” their smartphone on the ATM!   Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The […]

A Chicago tech entrepreneur is set to launch a yelp-like app which surveys interactions with the police.

Smart technology is quickly taking over our world, from our televisions to smartphones, giving hackers the upper hand. Experts even predict that in the future, our homes will completely run on smart technology. In the meantime, its not only taking over our smaller, more portable gadgets, but also the bigger ones, too. Sign Up For […]

Divorce is pretty common these days, but it’s also really expensive. People rack up thousands of dollars in legal fees just trying to detach from their other half. But thanks to technology, the days of messy, expensive weddings might soon come to an end. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Well, they will probably still be […]

When Pokemon Go debuted, it practically swept the entirety of millennial America away back to their childhood days of trying to catch ’em all with cards and Gameboys, with a new virtual reality twist. But in this latest edition of Techie Tuesday, Beyonce reveals some news that may disappoint avid users of Pokemon Go. A new […]

The gold medalist is bringing positivity, empowerment and grace to smartphones across the country.

With T-Pain giving the directions, your ride is guaranteed to be lit. Before everyone’s smartphones were on the level personal computers, people would buy separate GPS devices to direct them. You could pay a small amount of money to change the voice on the device from the typical female robot to things like Yoda or […]

Tausha Robertson may be a tech newbie, but she is revolutionizing the beauty game with her new app.

We've been waiting for a glance at Kandi Burruss' new bundle of joy and we finally got one.

Archives + Absences will keep the public aware of the ongoing police violence in America.

It’s a bit of an effort to type out “Hey, what’s up? hello,” but the catchphrase now comes in a singular emoji, along with about 60 others inspired by Paterson rapper Fetty Wap, now available in the App Store in all of their one-eyed glory. The official Fetty Wap emoji pack contains plenty of emojis […]