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Rita Ora wants out of her Roc Nation contract.

Roc Nation has diversified over the past year or two, with the introduction of athlete management, giving them more avenues for their business. However now that they have more on their plate, they’ve been neglecting their artists, this, according to Rita Ora.

Rita Ora has filed a lawsuit against Roc Nation, requesting to be released from her contract with the Jay Z-helmed company. Rita claims that the change in Roc Nation’s direction has resulted in constantly-changing executives, and presently, there’s no one left that Rita used to work with. Rita states that she’s only released one album since signing with the label in 2008, despite the fact that she’s recorded a lot more music which the label is just sitting on.

Although she could be locked in with Roc Nation until 2019, she wants to be released immediately. She says there is legal precedence for such a release in California.

No word yet from Roc Nation, we’ll keep you posted.