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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. According to a consumer group, ‪#‎Baltimore‬ area drivers in black neighborhoods pay way more for car insurance than drivers in white neighborhoods. What are your thoughts?



Rashawn Thompson I guess they figure your car is at greater risk to get broken into or vandalised in the hood

Terrence Teel It’s unfortunate insurance companies are aware of liabilities in those areas, statistically hire crime rates.

_siriam_  They figure black people have a higher chance of getting their stuff broken into because of the neighborhood.

mak912@lyn_nee_tah remember our discussion about how certain demographics affect their local economy?

ss_mrimpala1 We been known this tho

deezy_dorite City Driving vs Suburbia Driving

tha_focused1 It’s such a shame how companies have been using race to make a profit, and it’s been going on for years, they’re just being exposed now, if it’s not this it’s the peasant insurance that’s taken out on us at our jobs, #CRAZY😡😡😡

1sickcharger It been like this bro that’s why you use a white area address its loop holes around everything bro gm @drejohnson1 #Early

lynwoodm10 Get some white friends and use their address. Works like a charm

_ryolo_ I have to do with the fact that there is a larger population smaller areas. A lot of cars on the tighter roads of the city can cause more accidents so the insurance companies charge more because there is a higher likelihood of crashing.

thecarteragency It’s bad that we look at it like black neighborhoods vs white neighborhoods. The reality is insurance decreases with traffic. Unfortunately, the urban neighborhoods that house most of our good old black folk are high traffic areas. But it’s designed to be that way. The hustle and bustle of the city vs the county and then the country side. Black people can never escape racism if we continue to see and think and teach everything as such. We’ve institutionalized racism into our unconscious thinking and it fuels the racial lash outs that blacks and whites have alike.

xtina_vii_xvii it’s not about “black” neighborhoods vs “white” neighborhoods…its neighborhoods PERIOD

herloyalty03 Now ιт coυld вe вecaυѕe oғ тнe rιoтѕ wнιcн FD υp a loт oғ carѕ

true_redbone_82 @drejohnson1 I use to believe that but not anymore

shantellybrave Mine went down when I moved I used to live on belair rd right where the zip code changes my zip was 21213 right next to me was 21206 I was told that I wud of paid a lot less if I was one block over cause my zip code went down deeper in east side bmore

who_tf_are_u_exactly_ Facts ! Car theft is higher in the city I guess …

herloyalty03 Tнιѕ ιѕ ѕo тrυe .. I тrιed тo cнange мy ιnѕυrance addreѕѕ тo тнe cιтy wнere I lιve ιnѕтead oғ мy perмanenт one ιn A.A.C. and ιтѕ $100 more.. I ѕaιd never мιnd Smh

herloyalty03Tнιѕ waѕ jυѕт lιĸe a мonтн or тwo ago


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