6. “You look tired!”

Maybe there are exceptions to this one. For example, if one of your close friends told you this, you probably would not be offended. But telling someone who is not so close that they “look tired” is rude because it insinuates that they look bad. You’re certainly saying they don’t look good. And if it turns out to be a sleep deprivation issue, then the person just has to catch up on sleep. Easy. But what if they just came off a full eight hours of sleep (at least seven hours a night is recommended for adults), and this is their normal face? Just stay away from this statement, okay? Again, this is a circumstance in which you can simply ask the person how they are (it is important not to ask if the person is okay because this also suggests that it looks like something is wrong).

7. “Are you still single?”

Evident in this article, you never know what a person is going through. When we become adults, sometimes it is hard to balance everything. We go on with our professional lives, but maybe our social life is lagging. Scarily, some people lose sight on how to click with someone on a romantic level or even cannot find one that “connects” with them. This does not mean that at least a few great matches are not out there because they definitely are. But this doesn’t mean you’ve found them, yet. Asking someone if they are still single can be a disheartening reminder that they still have not found someone. The recipient may begin to think that something is wrong with them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this also reminds the person of his/her age (double whammy!). Chances are, if they’re seeing someone special, you’ll know when they want you to know.


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7 Rude Things Most People Say (And Why To Stop Saying Them)  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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