3. “How many more kids are you going to have?”

This statement suggests that they already have enough and that any more would be too much. It is a very suggestive statement, and the recipient will definitely take it like that. Maybe ask instead if they see more children in their future.

4. “How old are you?”

Look, the world keeps spinning. Days come and go. Every single second we are a second older. So age is a sore subject for some. Do I look old? Regardless, it is rude to ask someone their age. It is just a reminder of their mortality.

5. “I spent a lot of money on…”

So what? When your conversations always consist of how much money you shell out, you will come off as snobbish and shallow. Plus you can make someone feel financially substandard. Delete this phrase altogether.

7 Rude Things Most People Say (And Why To Stop Saying Them)  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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