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I still believe that most people have good intentions. People are naturally a social species, so we naturally enjoy interacting with one another. Obviously, we use words to communicate; we talk and talk and talk on a daily basis. Unfortunately with the amount of conversations we have in a lifetime, we are bound to offend other people from time to time – whether it is intentional or not.

Well, below is a compiled list of seven rude phrases that are used quite often. When people say these, they most likely do not mean to hurt the other’s feelings, but that is the result. Check out the list. Have you said these before? Today?

1. “Have you lost weight?”

This may be the most commonly used phrase on the list. To reiterate, I believe most people mean well. I get it. All you are trying to do is compliment the person on their hard work in shedding some noticeable weight. Simultaneously, though, you are implying that they were overweight before, which they already know, hence the weight loss. Still, they may not want to hear it again! Instead, you can tell him/her that they look great! This will only build the person up with no tear down.

2. “When are you due?”

I think that most people have been advised not to say this one. You see a woman with what can’t possibly be mistaken as anything other than a baby bump. In fact, it is way more than a bump to you; it is a new life which is exciting, so curiosity leads you to ask when she is due. I get it. But what if she is not pregnant? Instead, she has been drinking too many beers, or more seriously, she has fibroids. Well, you just offended her. Instead, ask how the person has been. If they are pregnant, they will most likely bring it up. If not, just leave it alone.

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