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Nick Cannon And 2K Host Premiere Party For NBA2K14 Video Game

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Some people have been upset by Kylie Jenner’s use of cornrows, claiming that it constitutes cultural appropriation. In his recent appearance on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore,” The Game firmly distanced himself from that line of thinking. “Personally, I think that it’s really ignorant when people get mad because someone cornrows their hair,” he explained. “They saw a hairstyle, they liked it. Who cares who wore it first… I don’t understand that.”The Game said he is cool with appreciating other people’s cultures. “I say just do you.” He also said he was cool with non-black people using the n-word (“it happens”).

But he had to draw the line somewhere, and he put his foot down when the topic of black emojis came up.

“Don’t use the black emoji against me,” he said of white people, smiling. “That’s offensive.”

He then expanded upon his take on the racial politics of emoji. “I’m very specific about finding my shade. My shade is like two shades away from the Akon one,” he said.

Do you agree with The Game?

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