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When Robin Thicke released the album that placed him on the map, The Evolution of Robin Thicke, not many realized how serious he was about that title.  And now that he officially holds a #1 album and one of the biggest songs of the summer, Robin Thicke has officially arrived!!!

Contrary to the belief of many of his fans since that album’s release, Evolution was not his first introduction to the world as an R&B Crooner. In fact, his initial introduction leaned as far away as possible from comparisons to smooth and suave artists such as Jon B., and more towards a new-age hippie look, with long hair and mood necklaces (see above).

That all changed the moment he hooked up with the Neptunes for Evolution, and the rest is history. One thing that was consistent during his evolution was his phenomenal voice, which continues to grab the attention of his growing fan base to this day!

Check out his original music video below- and then enjoy one of his more recent videos underneath it to see the evolution for yourself!

So now that you’ve seen this, do you really think the reason his wife, Paula Patton didn’t take him to her prom just because he was white…or was it more about the mood necklace??

Robin Thicke’s First Music Video- When I Get You Alone [MUSIC VIDEO]

The New Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines [MUSIC VIDEO]


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