After being dropped from Reebok Classics for his recent lyrics basically hinting at rape, Rick Ross and some others have responded on the move via twitter:

@meekmill – “Reeboks right next 2 FILA when it come 2 sneaks that sh*t corny… I was only was feeling swizz & tyga projects… #boom,”

@slimthugga – “[Reebok] ain’t care about all the dope he was rapping bout selling when they signed him but now they tripping after all that promo. All I’m saying is its a rap song and he didn’t say he bout to rape a b*tch so he shouldn’t have lost a deal over it.”

“Before we know it rappers are not going to be able to curse no mo on their albums cause somebody whose not a rap fan was offended fuck that.”

@earlxsweat – “this rick ross sh*t is ridiculous this n*gga has been a prominent cocaine / mass murder rap bro since i was like 10 wtf f*ck reebok”

“n*ggas need to get off his head. if you like how his music sounds than listen to it. if you dont then dont listen to it and shut the f*ck up”

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