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In the words of my boss, the internet has no chill. Former “Flavor of Love” winner and model London “Deelishis” Charles went off on her Instagram page. the target of her anger was the gossip blog MediaTakeOut.

MediaTakeOut posted a story saying Deelishis had been injured after she was attacked by a gang of strippers in her hometown of Detroit. Apparently, Deelishis’ fans who read the article kept hounding Deelishis to respond to the allegations. While the reality star attempted to take the high road in the beginning, she had finally had enough and responded. In her post on the social networking site, Deelishis said:

“For the 1millionth time this (MediaTakeOut) is a fraudulent site that takes pride in printing fraudulent stories for your entertainment! The headline story printed about ya girl Deelishis is a bold face lie!!! Yes I fractured my wrists & bruised my ankle in an accident involving ice, stairs, Louboutins & clumsiness! However I  am fine and will be even better in a few days!”

The post goes on to thank the people who supported her with kind words and messages. Deelishis talks about how karma will catch up with the people at the gossip site. As most famous people end rants, Deelishis closes out her message by saying she must be doing something right for her name to stay in peoples’ mouths. She also said if she were ever jumped and beaten by a crew of strippers that it would be filmed and documented because it would be a severely cold day in hell before that ever happened.

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