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We’ve all gotten those terrible holiday cards from friends, family, acquaintances and companies. There are ones with their awkward family photos slapped on the front, their cats and dogs striking a “pose,” their kids with the dirty Santa Claus from the mall or company employees trying to look like they don’t hate each other. Here is 17 to add to your worst holiday cards and photos ever seen…

1. I think those dogs are just as uncomfortable as we are if not more so…

2. This is one from a company. On the plus side, they seem diverse.

3. From that cat dude friend…

4. Umm… No Comment.

5. Yo yo yo! Newest rap group, Christmas Wrappers

6. This one is actually pretty awesome in my opinion. How many times do you think they posed for this?

7. Do you think he’s scared of Santa or the surfing?

8. Creative fail…

9. Yes, we all know you’re very happy because you’ve never seen snow before and you’re wearing your grandmother’s sweater.

10. Report animal abuse and return to sender

11. They sure look like the perfect couple to own cats and dogs don’t they?

12. I’m saving this card for blackmail once that kid grows up

13. Do you think Santa is being held hostage?

14. Guinea pigs eat their young… Baby Jesus is definitely not safe

15. The family of human-cats with their reindeer bulldog…

16. I don’t even want to know what you do with Brewster at home…

17. This should never have gone beyond the bedroom or wherever this photo was taken

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