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ADAIR LION, a proud Chicano takes a strong look at the way “Gays” are looked at in society and Hip Hop.

Here’s, in Adair’s words, is the reason he created this song,

I love hip-hop, it’s all I do, everyday all day. It’s the only way I stay alive. In the hip-hop world it’s not only accepted – but it’s actually cool to use terms like f*gg*t, queer, homo and gay, in a derogatory manner. My best friend came out to me in college. Now you can see the dilemma. When I saw the “it get’s better” video it touched me and I wished that I could do something to help things get better. But if I was to say something like that it would be hip-hop suicide. All my idols and all the greatest rappers have used these words and really shunned the gay community away. I couldn’t deny the “it gets better hip-hop song” any longer… I had to act immediately.

He goes on to say,

I struggled because I could have easily saved myself by saying, “being gay is cool from a distance, but don’t come at me with it- know what I mean?!”

Or I could have easily been very vague like when Jay-Z disses someone, you know, not sure what he said but kinda get the idea. Or the way Lady Gaga say’s “Born this way” it’s an anthem for the LGBT community but she doesn’t come out and say it. But I thought NO… This needs to be dialoged… this has to be said… this should be accepted…. and they deserve for someone to let them know that they aren’t wrong… I NEED TO SAY IT BLUNTLY.

And Bluntly is what he does. People are People regardless of RACE, CREED or SEXUAL ORIENTATION, We got choices to make and they are either “Right” or “Wrong”, I am not telling you which is which, I’m just here to give you a message that you can use to make your own choice. People are People and we all love and hate, but what if we just choose to love each other….. Would that be the “wrong” choice????

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