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First the Good News, He won a Grammy and has performed at this Year’s NBA All Star Game!

And now the Bad news….Chris Brown is apparently going to be arrested for stealing a Fan’s iPhone last weekend in Miami.

The Good news is that the prosecutors are willing to give Chris Brown a chance to turn himself in this offense.

The other bad news is that Chris Brown’s own bodyguards and other witnesses backed the story given to police from fan, Christal Spann, that she walked up to Chris as he was walking to his Bentley and snapped a picture with her iPhone and then proceeded to have it snatched out of her hand by Chris Brown, who then drove off with it in his Bentley.

Now because the iPhone is worth $500, Chris will be charged with FELONY Theft and since he is on probation for his incident with Rihanna, looks like Chris could be looking at 5 years in the slammer!!

Maybe next year Chris should just stay a way from the Grammy’s cuz every time he goes some thing bad happens to him afterwards!!

The prosecutor is in trial today, but if that trial ends today an arrest warrant could be issued, so stay tuned cuz we’ll be on top of this developing story!