Vermont made history yesterday when they nominated Christine Hallquist, the first openly transgender person to win a major party’s nomination for governor. She will be going up against Republican Gov. Phil Scott in the general election in November. Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The Latest:

Follow The Beat On Twitter: According to CBS11 News, Dallas police are looking for a man who killed transgender 26 year old Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon. The victim was found dead in his apartment (The Citadel at Preston) near LBJ Freeway and Preston Rd on Wednesday (May 10). -Farlin Ave (@farlinave) Sign Up For Our Newsletter!   […]

Rest in peace to Celine Walker and Tonya “Kita” Harvey.

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Kashmire Redd, a trans man of color, was found dead in New York state early Monday. Police said Redd was fatally stabbed by his partner, who is charged with second-degree murder.

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As the world continues to be more open and accepting of transgender men and women, many barriers are being broken to include their rights. Noted HBCU Spelman College has taken a huge step forward in inclusion by announcing plans to openly admit transgender women. The conversation surrounding transgender rights and visibility is one of […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Bobby V was caught on video half naked with a transgender female. The transgender female is exposing the R&B singer because Bobby V did not pay her! He was literally on the video pants down running away from the camera leaving his keys and shoes in the females possession. Dang […]

Bobby Valentino went from chilling  under the radar, to making headlines on Monday after a video surfaced of him allegedly skipping out on a sex worker who identifies as transgender. In the footage, the singer was seen running from a woman’s apartment and rumors began to spread that he was actually running away from a […]

Dwanya Hickerson, 21, pleading guilty to murdering Dee Whigham, 25, after a sexual encounter last July.

This is the first case prosecuted under the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act involving a victim targeted for gender identity.

Transgender woman Brenda Bostick, 59, was fatally struck with a blunt object and suffered severe head trauma before she was found on a street in New York City on April 25.

A 19-year-old transgender woman, Symone Marie Jones, tragically died following a silicone buttocks injection back in January. According to WRAL, the procedure was illegally done by Kavonceya Iman Cornelius at Cornelius’ home. Now, the 42-year-old is being charged with second degree murder. Before the procedure, Jones had already undergone breast implant surgery with a licensed doctor in Miami. She traveled […]

Tragic video has been released of a transgender woman, Dandara dos Santos, 42, being beaten by a group of men in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, Ceara. Dos Santos was reportedly dragged from her home into the streets, then punched, kicked and attacked with shoes and a plank of wood in front of residents. Soon after, […]