These gas prices are gas pricing and it seems like Dallas residents are ready to take matters into their own hands. Recently, there has been a spike in gas theft with companies fling reports losing millions of dollars of fuel. Since 2018, the government has warned citizens about the possibility of identity theft at gas […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Car theft is up in Dallas, and CBS11 News says it could get worst. A lot of people get their cars stolen when they warm it up or when they leave it running to go quickly into stores. Bad idea. Here are a few tips to deter thieves: Always lock […]

Theft in metro Atlanta seems to be the new trend. Is Stealing now the "New Cool" #ReecQOTD

Rock-T tells a story about two guys who stole a calendar!

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Drake lost it after learning his tour bus had been robbed in Arizona.

A 30-year law against repeat offenders in Louisiana can land one man life in prison.

Forget making it rain, this guy was going to make it hail in the strip club!! But seriously,  how do you steal that much change. Let alone where do you hide it once you steal it?? Read the full story at the link below:

A man decided, after getting locked out of his car, that he would steal a city bus instead! Listen to the audio player to hear…

The woman that accused Chris Brown and his posse of hitting her, taking her cell phone and throwing her out of Breezy’s hotel party has filed a lawsuit against him. Liziane Gutierrez filed papers in Nevada suing Chris for battery, theft and defamation. The defamation part comes from the video Chris made after her story broke, denying her […]

A father and son duo from Syracuse has landed themselves in hot water...or hot oil.

A man who's been arrested 29 times for transit-related crimes found himself behind bars again for stealing a Greyhound bus in NYC.

Emery Snipes was stopped by NYPD officers for riding the bike against traffic and entering a park after dark in lower Manhattan.