When a masked man walked into a Birmingham, Alabama McDonalds and started shooting, a father who was eating with his sons fatally shot the masked man. The father and one of his children were also struck and suffered non-life threatening injuries. He will not face any charges. Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For […]

Firefighters were responding to a home near Fair Park and knew there might be a shooter in the area.  They are supposed to wait for police per a new policy.  But there was Delashon Jefferson who was eight months pregnant inside the home.  The firefighters did not wait. Sadly, Delashon did not survive, but the little […]


David George, a pastor at Oakville Assembly of God church, shot and killed a gunman at the Tumwater Walmart on Sunday. He spoke about the event yesterday at a press conference where he was in tears and called the incident “tragic and shocking.” It all started as a gunman fired into two vehicles, stole another […]